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Because Pathways is offered for free, there are no resources for live technical support. However, Pathways does come with extensive help files that are available from every window, as well as tool-tip help as you hover over items on forms. Also, over the many years of Pathways' existance, through all versions of the software, very few bugs have been reported.

Nevertheless, defects can occur, and they won't get fixed if nobody reports them. Therefore, it is very much appreciated if you report a problem and provide a specific explanation of what happened when the problem arose. This is appreciated not only by the author of Pathways, but from everyone who will benefit when that problem gets fixed.

When problems are addressed, the problem and any available "work around" will be posted in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). When a new version of the product is released that addresses existing bugs, the FAQs for those defects get cleared out, as the best solution at that point is to upgrade your Pathways.

To access the technical support section, you must be a registered user of Pathways. If you have registered previously, look for your registration key by starting Pathways and choosing "license" from the "help" menu. You must copy your name and key below, exactly as it appears on the license form in Pathways.

Pathways free technical support:


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