Happiness is a worthy purpose for your life, so take time to enjoy today. Smile and share your joy with others.

How can you know what is the purpose of life? Once upon a time, some wise philosophers gathered to debate the matter. Knowing that all philosophers seek knowledge, one said that "truth" was the purpose of life. A romantic among them said that it was to find true love. Still another said it was to gain honour and respect.

Sitting nearby was a young man who was not a philosopher, so after some discussion the philosophers asked him for his impartial judgement. Who is right, they asked?

"I can't say," he said, "I always thought that happiness was the purpose of life."

There was a moment of silence because, oddly enough, no-one had thought of that. Then someone asked him how he had come to that conclusion.

"Well," he said to the first philosopher, if you find your truth you will be happy, won't you?

"Yes," replied the philosopher.

"And if you find your true love," he said to the romantic, "you will be happy?"

Again "Yes."

"And if you are honoured and respected, he said to the third?"

"I would be happy."

"Well," said the young man, "there you go."

From Pathways daily ideas file, copyright Arthur de Leyssac, 2009; all rights reserved.