Happiness is not reaching the end of the journey, but rather it is enjoying the trip along the way.

Some think of happiness as though it were something to be achieved--as if you would work your whole life to find happiness and then be awarded with a prize at the end. But although happiness is something you work for, the "big prize" approach is a mistake.

Imagine yourself driving down a freeway, seeking a destination that you have dreamed about, that is so perfect that nothing could be better. Nothing less will do. Do you think you will get there in your lifetime? Probably not, but you can do some small things to improve your world, and you can enjoy many nice things as you travel.

In the real world no one ever reaches their perfect destination. The end of their journey is when they die and their body gets put in a coffin or incinerated. Imagine that as you near that end, you look back over your life. How you would feel if you never enjoyed the trip, because you were always hoping for something better? Wouldn't it be better to enjoy each little accomplishment, and have the fun of living a good life?

From Pathways daily ideas file, copyright Arthur de Leyssac, 2009; all rights reserved.