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Readers have submitted their responses from around the world (primarily from North America, Asia, and Africa). In the first table below are the two ideas that have most often received favorable feedback from readers. Below that is a table containing 12 more popular ideas from the Pathways "idea for the day" book.

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TopicBasic IdeaYour feedback
Balanced Life For true happiness you need a balanced life. If there is some important motivation going unfulfilled, it won't matter how successful you might seem to others, your life will feel unsatisfactory.
Motivation - Communication of Never assume that someone else will understand what you want or feel. It doesn't matter how well they know you, or how much you love them, communication is crucial.

Here are the next most popular ideas, which have also received favorable feedback from readers:

TopicBasic IdeaYour feedback
Happiness is a Journey Happiness is not reaching the end of the journey, but rather it is enjoying the trip along the way.
Purpose of Life Happiness is a worthy purpose for your life, so take time to enjoy today. Smile and share your joy with others.
Self-Interest Contrary to economic theory, each person pursuing their own self- interest produces a miserable world.
Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Right Makes Might Bullies claim that "might makes right," but everyone else disagrees. Fortunately for good people, it is more often true that "right makes might."
Free Will No matter what happens around you, you always have the freedom to choose. There is nobody responsible for your behaviour but you.
Love Advice People love to feel loved. (Have you heard of a "vicious circle?" Loving is a "pleasant circle." Nourish it frequently to keep it spinning.)
Trust Have faith in other people.
Happiness and Attitude Suppose you live a comfortable life, but you cannot afford all the luxuries that you see your neighbor has. You feel discontented. Who is it, exactly, that is making you unhappy?
Habits It is easy to agree with good advice, but not so easy to make a habit of following that advice.
Certainty or Not? The biggest problem we humans face is that we don't know what we don't know.
Wisdom "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Aristotle

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