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Pathways will run on most versions of Windows, from Windows '95 (from 1995) on to the newest version, Windows 11, with the exception of a couple of Windows Editions that are limited in what they will run, specifically: Windows RT and the Windows Surface Hub video conference system.

Pathways is FREE and easy to install. You will download a single EXE file and run it on your PC. The EXE is a "self-decompressing ZIP file" that contains all files needed.

IMPORTANT: There are two editions of Pathways to choose from. The software in these editions is idential, but one comes with an installer, while the second one is used "uninstalled". You must choose which one to download.

Here's the difference:

  • If you use the installed edition, the software will be registered in Windows and there will be an icon for Pathways in your start menu. NOTE however:
    • The installer will have access to operating system files and the registry, so you require admin rights on your Windows user account in order to install it.
    • Even though the Pathways software is quite safe, to run the installer on newer PCs (Windows 10 or 11) you may need to adjust security settings or bypass security warning messages about using an "unknown" app that didn't come from the Microsoft store.
  • If you use the uninstalled edition, no icon will be set up for you, so you must start the program by finding and double-clicking the program file to run it, or you can set up your own start icon (shortcut). Also:
    • You don't need admin access, and there will be no warning messages. That's because Pathways itself doesn't need access to sensitive system files.

The installed version is provided because traditionally it has been simpler for users to get started that way. However, any kind of installer can be a risk to security on your computer, and hence Microsoft has added a few extra "hoops to jump through" for installed programs on Windows 10 or 11. Complete instructions are provided below with each option, so you can judge for yourself.

Short advice: Either alternative is fine, but if you are moderately proficient with Windows and prefer to have full control over "where the program files go and what gets changed" choose the "direct run" edition.

NOTE: If you wish to have a greater understanding of Windows Security and Pathways Security features, click here. (If you are planning to install Pathways in a company, your IT department may wish to review this.)

Note also that Pathways is published by Freelance Wizards Incorporated (Canada). When you install Pathways, a Windows install notification may tell you that it is from Freelance Wizards. The newest release, Pathways V6.0 was released in May, 2023.

For the installable edition of Pathways, choose the first download below. For the "Pathways Direct Run" (without install) choose the second download.

Pathways with Installer, download:

Download icon NEW! Download Pathways V6.0 edition with the newest features!

The file that you must download is only about 7 MBytes. On a high speed Internet connection it can be downloaded in less than a minute.

For install information, click here:

Pathways Direct Run, download:

Use Pathways without installing it! Download Pathways Direct.

Here I present another alternative for downloading and running Pathways that is suitable for those who feel comfortable using Windows to copy files and set up shortcuts. This alternative has these advantages:

This software is identical to the installed Pathways except that it doesn't include an install program. If you prefer, you can install the regular version of Pathways and make a copy on a memory stick for transporting. (Instructions are included with the software.)

To download the software WITHOUT an install program, download and run this self-decompressing Zip file:

Download icon Download Pathways Direct V6.0 hosted by Freelance Wizards Inc. Try out all the newest features!

For instructions on how to run and configure Pathways Direct, click here.

Other Download options

You can also download Pathways (including installer) from

When you are finished, please close this browser window or click here to visit the PathwaysPlanner.COM home page, where there are links to free accessories for your planner, including background pictures for your Pathways calendars, as well as music files to be used with the Pathways alarm clock.

Freelance Wizards logo Pathways is distributed by Freelance Wizards Inc.