Using the Microsoft Access Database

After downloading the Pathdata.EXE file, run it to decompress. A window will appear as follows:

Click Browse to select the same folder where you keep your Pathways files. After you have selected the folder, click UnZip. This will create an Access database called Pathdata.MDB in the folder. When you are finished, close the WinZip window.

The next step is to export a complete Pathways plan. Using Pathways Plus open the plan you wish to use, and then select Export from the File menu. On the Export window, select "* all tables *" from the table drop-down list. For the export folder, choose the same folder where the MDB file was placed. When you complete the Export, a series of files will be copied into the folder.

Finally, open the MDB file with Microsoft Access. A startup form will appear as follows:

Make sure that the folder named is the same one that contains the export files. (If not, then type in the correct location.) Finally, click "Load Pathways Data". A macro will run that will load all the data files into the Access database. Now you can use Microsoft Access to create reports and graphs on your Pathways plan.

If you subsequently change your plan with Pathways, you can export the data and reload the database by repeating the method explained above. Any reports or graphs you have created will still be available for your use, but of course they would show the new data.

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