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Pathways Background Pictures

Here you will find background pictures that you can use with any Pathways report. The backgrounds are particularly useful for printing pretty monthly calendars for your appointments and holidays.

All photos here have been lightened so that they are suitable as a "watermark" on a Pathways report. The copyright of the photos remains with the photographer, Arthur de Leyssac, so you cannot resell these photos. However, you are hereby granted a license to use them with the Pathways software, and to print reports that contain the photographs in the background.

To download a photo, click the thumbnail image of the photo that intersts you. A larger version will appear. Right click that image and choose "Save Image As" from the pop-up list that your web-browser will display.

Colour Landscapes

Seasons, Canada

Famous Places

Chichen Itza, Mexico Grand Canyon, USA Lake Louise, Banff Canada

Tower Bridge, London England Eiffel Tower, Paris France Opera House, Sydney Australia

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