Downloading Music

When you click on an MP3 or WAV file posted on this site, depending on your browser and the setup on your PC, the music may download and play or it may just download. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take several minutes. Longer music selections downloaded over a modem may take up to 15 minutes. If it begins to play on your PC, wait for the song to finish and then use the "Save As" or "Save Media as" function to make a copy on your hard drive.

NOTE that some older versions of the Windows Media Player do not let you save the music file to your hard disk. If you encounter that problem, be sure to get the newest Windows Media Player. You can upgrade your older Windows Media Player by choosing "Check for Player Updates" from the Help menu in the Media Player.

With Windows Explorer and Media Player Version 9, this is what will happen when you click on one of the music links.

  1. The Media Player window will appear. A message near the bottom of the window will say that it is "buffering" the file. As the file is downloaded, a bar graph will show you what percent of the file has been loaded at any given moment.
  2. When a sufficient portion of the file has been downloaded, it will begin to play.
  3. After the download has finished, choose "Save Media As" from the "File" menu.
  4. A window will appear where you can choose the folder in which you wish to place the music file. You can put it in any folder of your choice, but you might find it most convenient to put it in the same folder where you installed Pathways. That way it will be easy to navigate to it when you want to set the music for the Pathways Alarm Clock.

Note that if you have installed Real Player or some other media player, it may receive the incoming MP3 or WAV file instead of the Windows Media Player. In that case you must use the Save function in that program.

Using music with the Pathways Alarm Clock: After you have a Pathways plan with scheduled activities, you can activate the Alarm Clock by choosing "Alarm Clock" from the "Tools" menu of Pathways. After the Alarm clock starts, in the Alarm clock window select "Choose" from the "Music" menu. In the window that appears, you can choose the WAV or MP3 files to be used for the main alarm and the advance warning alarm. For a more detailed explanation, click the "question mark" icon on the Pathways Alarm clock window.

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