Pathways Download

Pathways V5.x will run on all versions of Microsoft Windows, from the old Windows '95 all the way up to the newest Windows 10 in 2018.

Pathways is easy to install. You will download a single EXE file and run it on your PC to install the software. The EXE is a "self-decompressing ZIP file" that contains all files needed. When you run the downloaded program on your computer, it will extract the files and automatically run the Pathways installer.

For the standard version of Pathways, choose the first download below. A Download are also available below for "Pathways Direct", which can be run without any installation.

Pathways V5.5 download:

Pathways V5.5 was released on July 4, 2018.

Download Pathways V5.5

The file that you must download is only about 6 MBytes. On a high speed Internet connection it can be downloaded in a minute or less.

For install information, click here:

Pathways Direct

Use Pathways V5.5 without installing it! Download Pathways Direct.

Here I present another alternative for downloading and running Pathways that is suitable for those who are proficient users of Windows. This alternative has these advantages:

This software is identical to the installed Pathways except that it doesn't include an install program. If you prefer, you can install the regular version of Pathways and make a copy on a memory stick for transporting. (Instructions are included with the software.)

To download the software WITHOUT an install program, download and run this self-decompressing Zip file:

Download Pathways Direct hosted by Freelance Wizards Inc.

For instructions on how to run and configure Pathways Direct, click here.

If you aren't sure whether to use Pathways installed or uninstalled, I recommend that you download the installed version (the first link above), because it is simpler to setup and remove.

When you are finished, please close this browser window or click here to visit the PathwaysPlanner.COM home page, where there are links to free accessories for your planner, including background pictures for your Pathways calendars, as well as music files to be used with the Pathways alarm clock.

Pathways is distributed by Freelance Wizards Inc.